Thursday, July 1, 2010

0009 - Chevalier Féréol de Bonnemaison

This is a French painting, but I'm labeling this under "USA" as it's displayed at The Brooklyn Museum. It's called "Young Woman Overtaken by a Storm" .

"Taking shelter underneath a sturdy oak, an elegantly, if scantily clad young woman—perhaps separated from her party of nature-seekers—tearfully cowers as powerful winds whip at her gauzy attire. In this picture, exhibited at the Salon of 1799, Bonnemaison pays homage to the era's prevailing, classically inspired tastes: the young woman wears the high-waisted, muslin robe à l'antique and delicate cothurnes, or sandals, that became all the rage for fashionable French women in the 1790s. At the same time, the threatening storm—evidence of nature's force—hints at a nascent Romanticism and its embrace of the sublime." -

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